Peri Hatter Chronicles is a Matt Hatter Chronicles fanfic created by MaeManuel1.

Description Edit

Lord Tenoroc is defeated and Alfred Hatter is finally free thanks to his grandson, Matt Hatter, Roxie, Gomez, and even Captain Lightning. But when Lord Tenoroc returns and summons more villains which are stronger than ever and with Matt Hatter studying in high school, a mutant named Peri must team up with Roxie, Gomez, and Captain Lightning, use his new powers to help book all of the supervillains, and protect the Multiverse by becoming the new Hatter Hero when his DNA is mixed with Hatter DNA.

Story Edit

"I'm Peri. Hey, listen up! A couple of days ago, I found this weird book in the Doctor's library that belonged to a long line of humans called the Hatters. Totally unaware, that it's cool awesome powers were setting movie villains free into an awesome new dimension called the Multiverse. Protecting it was the duty of the Hatter family. But with my DNA mixed with the Hatter DNA, I must now help my new friends by becoming the new Hatter Hero!"-Peri

(Matt Hatter Chronicles theme song)


In the Region Of Ruins, Roxie and Captain Lightning were battling a super villain named Apollo who was attacking them with his deadly harp while Gomez was hiding behind a statue of Alfred and a new statue of Matt Hatter right next to it. Apollo strung one of his strings to attack but Captain Lightning quickly stopped him by throwing one of his lightning bolts and shouting his usual catchphrase.

Captain Lightning: KAPOWIE!!!! (throws his lightning bolt at Apollo's harp and it smashes to pieces)

Just then, Apollo let out a scream of pain as he turned hologram!

Captain Lightning: Matt! (points at Apollo) He's going hologram! Book him!

Roxie placed her hands on her hips and furrowed an eyebrow at Lightning, reminding him that Matt wasn't with them anymore.

Captain Lightning: (sweat drops and scratches the back of his head, looking embarrassed) Oh yeah right. I forgot.

Roxie: (crosses her arms and frowns at Lightning) You really need to work on your remembering ya' know.

Captain Lightning: (laughs nervously)

Before Lightning could respond, the trio turned to see Apollo disappear as Tenoroc returned him back into his Life Cell. Roxie groaned in frustration and stamped her foot on the cement bridge.

Roxie: Ugh! Another villain, escaped!

Gomez: (comes out from his hiding place) That makes five escaped villains in a row.

Captain Lightning: (growls and throws his arms in the air) Great! We're in big trouble! Tenoroc is sending more villains into the Multiverse, and more stronger than ever! Even though he's already defeated and Alfred Hatter is finally free from his prison, the Multiverse is an even more bigger danger than it is right now. And without Matt Hatter on our side, so many villains have escaped in almost five days and not even a single one of them has been booked now that Matt's gone!

Gomez: (sighs deeply) Lightning's right! It's not the same without Matt. We were suppose to finish Apollo off together.

Roxie: (turns to Gomez, frowning again) We? Oh please! You were the only one hiding, Gomez.

Gomez: (shrugs) Right...

Roxie: Anyways (places her hands on her hips again) We're definitely fighting more of Tenoroc's villains than we did before.

Captain Lightning: (sighs heavily) Definitely! We're fighting more than ever and it's all because... (grits his teeth together and clutches his hands into fists) MATT HATTER HAD TO SPEND MORE TIME STUDYING IN HIGH SCHOOL AND SPEND LESS TIME BEATING UP BAD GUYS WITH US IN THE MULTIVERSE!!!!


Matt Hatter: I'm sorry guys. But I'll be going to high school next week.

Roxie: (shocked by Matt's news) What?! You're going to high school?!

Matt Hatter: (looks down to the ground, sucking and biting his lips inside. Then sighs heavily) Yes. I am.

Captain Lightning: But Matt! Who's going to protect the Multiverse and book Tenoroc's villains while you're gone?

Gomez: He's right, Matt. Besides, if Tenoroc returns with more supervillains while you're studying in high school, then who'll put them back in the Chronicles' villain vaults?

Matt Hatter: Don't worry guys. I'll still visit the Multiverse, but I'll get a lot of homework this year and I might be a little busy. Someday, a new Hatter Hero will take my place and kick those morons back into the Villain Vault before you know it.


Captain Lightning scratched his head angrily just as Gomez tried to calm him down, but it was no use. Ever since Matt left to high school, Lightning had been having some anger problems and has been a little cranky. Not even his music, a good book, or even a cup of cappuccino can soothe him.


Roxie: Actually, Lightning. We've been waiting for months.

Captain Lightning: (turns to Roxie and snaps at her) Don't correct me, Rox! I know that!

Gomez: (grabs Lightning on the arm and pats his shoulder) Hey! Lightning, please! Control your temper. I'm sure the new Hatter Hero will come and help us, just like Matt promised.

Roxie: Yeah. Don't blow a fuse before he or she comes, Lightning Boy. Someday, a new Hatter Hero will come and book those bad guys for sure.

Gomez: (gulps) Hmm... I hope.

CHAPTER 1: Enter Peri, the New and Improved Hatter Hero

In a tiny little island called Keep Away Island, a mutant with chicken wings and hair, a cow's udder, a shrimp tail, and a pig snout named Entrée was collecting some stuff: First, a wheelbarrow, tires from a half scooter and half car, and then a tricycle from a Duckzelle. After putting them in a pile, a half squirrel and half squid mutant named Peri appeared to check if they had all the things they needed.

Peri: (checking) Okay. X-ray glasses, loofa, wheelbarrow, unicorn, ten pounds of unsalted butter.

Entrée: (riding on a tricycle) Tricycle, rubber hair, swineapple. Okay, now we're ready to play...

Peri: (picks up a bucket with a smile) Bucket!

Entrée: (picks up a stick and holds it up) Stick!

Both: FRUIT BALL!!!!

Peri: Woohoo! (a rainbow appears behind him as he said this)

When they were ready to play, Peri put on his cowboy hat and Entrée placed his purple rubber hair on his head and grabs a swine-apple while Peri grabs a stick.

Entrée: Ready?

Peri: I was born ready!

Entrée: Go! (throws the swine-apple at Peri)

Peri placed the stick onto the ground and sprang off of it as the swineapple smacked him on the face and it went flying through the air!

Entrée: (shields his eyes from the sun and sees the swineapple flying) Super sky high swift ball!

Entrée placed the bucket on his head and hops on the tricycle to catch the swineapple. He rode as fast as he could but before they knew it, the swine-apple kept flying and then landed on an unknown location in the dark forest.

Peri: (jumps up to his tentacles) Oh no! The swine-apple!

Entrée: (hops off the tricycle) Great, now how will we finish our game?

Peri: Hmm... Maybe... You go get it!

Entrée: No, you get it.

Peri: No, you get it.

Entrée: No you get it.

Peri: No you get it.

Entree: Fine, I'll go get it! (walks to the forest but Peri stops him)

Peri: Wait! Um Entrée, maybe I'll get it this time. Besides, remember the last time you tried to get our ball?


Peri and Entree were telling each other to get the ball that was surrounded by some spiky mutants. Entree volunteers to get it but as he tried to get it, Entrée gets painful pokes in the end.


Entree: Okay, fine. You go get it.

Chapter Three: Peri Finds The Chronicles

Peri enters the forest and ventures deep to find the swineapple. After exiting the forest, he finds the swine-apple, then picks it up but looks up to find a big silver slide door.

Peri: (eyes grow wide) Holy moly!

Peri places his hand on a scanner and the door opens only to reveal an old library. He decides to explore the place.

While Peri was busy looking around admiringly at the shelves of books, something from another shelf caught his eyes and there in the shelves sat a book with a shiny hexagon on the cover. Peri goes over to the shelf to grab it and examined it.

Peri: Oh! I've never seen a book like this before. I wonder what kind of story it holds.

He decides to open it and read it, but it wouldn't budge. Then Peri clutches the book and banged it on the shelf where he found it, but it still wouldn't open! His face twisted into a frustrated look and he let out a heavy sigh.

Peri: (holds the book up his face) Opening this book is gonna be harder than I thought.

Suddenly, the hexagon on top of the shelf beeps and glows while the hexagon on the book did the same. Peri looked up at the hexagon but the shelf opened and pushed him right inside the wall, which had an old entrance with ripped movie posters and old wallpaper that was peeling off behind it.

Peri: Whoa! (steadies himself after getting himself shoved in the entrance by the shelf) Huh? Where am I? (looks around)

Just then out of nowhere, a hologram of Matt Hatter appeared, hovering from the light of the Chronicles.

Peri: (eyes widen and bends down to look at the hologram) Hey! Who are you?

Matt Hatter: I barely have enough power to send this message. So listen carefully: Tenoroc is defeated but he might come back and even more stronger than ever. The fate of many worlds rest on your shoulders.

Peri: Many worlds? And who's Tenoroc?

Peri still had so many questions spinning inside his head just as Matt Hatter continued his message.

Matt Hatter: Look, I know you have many questions to ask me, but there's no time to answer them now. The Multiverse might be in great danger and you... you're the new Hatter Hero!

Peri: Hatter Hero? What's a Hatter Hero and what's a Multiverse?

Matt Hatter: Hurry and come to the Multiverse, now! A tracker and keeper and someone else will be there to guide and assist you. Like my grandpa said, have faith in them, and have faith in yourself. The Multi Vision Specs are in the Chronicles! Put them on and they'll take you there. (slowly sinks back into the Chronicles) Good luck and be careful.

Peri gasped as he picked up the Chronicles, begging the boy to come back!

Peri: Wait! No! (shakes the Chronicles) Where're you going?! Come back! No!

But it was too late! Matt Hatter was gone and the Chronicles begin to open on its own just as it let out a bright light that blinded Peri and 3D glasses like specs hovered onto his head. He then held his arm up to shield his eyes from the light just as Peri felt a funny tingle going down through his body.

Peri: (gasps in shock) Hey! What's happening?

The Chronicles retreated from him and burst out a red collar with a PH tag and a brown backpack, then it went through the doors to a movie screen. Peri felt something pull him into the other side.

Peri: Eh! Something's pulling me in! I can't stop! Whoa!!!! Help!! (does a somersault to get the collar around his neck and spun around to retrieve a backpack onto his back)

Behind the doors was the light movie screen that was actually a portal. Peri tried to turn back but the energy was so strong that it forced him to jump into it and take him to the an unknown dimension. Peri screamed as the vortex took him in!

Peri: AAAHHH!!!!!

Finally, he was gone!

Chapter Four: Welcome to the Multiverse

In a realm called The Region of Ruins, Roxie was tracking something with Gomez by her side while Captain Lightning was sitting with his arms and legs crossed and had his headphones on. He nodded to the music he was listening to while he tapped his foot on the ground.

Roxie: Hmm? Thick traces of ozone.

Gomez: Electro static weapon, probably. (turns to Captain Lightning)

Captain Lightning: Hm? (turns to his friend and lifts the left headphone off his ear) Don't look at me. (puts his headphone back on) If Matt were here, he'd known that it could be the Black Knight, and if you ask me, it's his fault that he's not here because he had to go straight to high school just to leave the bad guy fighting to us.

Roxie glared at Lightning and spun around angrily as she stopped her tracking. She snapped at him in an angry and defensive tone.

Roxie: Hey! Just because Matt left to study in high school Lightning, doesn't mean it's his fault! And by the way, I thought you two got along so well, ever since Matt helped you change years ago. You shouldn't blame him for focusing on his schoolwork more than booking any villains.

Captain Lightning ignored her as he turned his music from his aqua iPod nano a bit louder.

Captain Lightning: (sarcastically) Yeah, so...

Roxie: So... Matt just needs to work a little harder and get a little better, even in math. Like I said, don't blow a fuse before someone comes running over here to save our butts from Tenoroc.

Captain Lightning: (shakes his head slightly and rolls his eyes) Whatever. (goes back to his iPod nano)

Just then, the crystal on Roxie's staff beeps and glows just as she looks up to see the vortex from the real world up in the sky as it opened. She gasped and called her friends over as she took out her staff.

Roxie: Hey guys! Look up there! (points to the vortex)

Captain Lightning: Huh? (lowers his music and takes off his headphones as he looks up with wide glowing blue eyes) Is that what I think it is? It is!

Gomez: (at Lightning's side) The new Hatter Hero! At last!

Captain Lightning: Ha! I guess I take back everything I said. (grins)

Roxie: Gomez, Lightning, this is were it all begins for us!

Peri screamed when the vortex shot him out and he landed face flat on the cement floor. He felt dizzy from his long trip as he tried to get up to his tentacles but was in shock when he finds himself in another dimension with the trio coming in front of him and bent over to examine him.

Gomez: That's the new Hatter Hero?! (shivers with fear) He looks kinda like a m-m-monster.

Roxie: He's not a monster Gomez. He looks more like a mutant.

Peri shook his head and stared back at Roxie with his eyes which still had the Multi Vision Specs on him.

Roxie: (smiles admiringly) And... he's really cute.

Captain Lightning: (turns to Roxie) Cute? Ha! More like creepy looking if you ask me. Besides, are we sure that's really the new Hatter Hero? I thought all Hatter Heroes are suppose to be human and not look like... (points at Peri and looks at him with disgust) that!

Gomez: (turns to Lightning) He has to be Lightning. Look, he has the Multi Vision Specs on.

Peri rubbed his forehead as the specs on his eyes disappeared.

Peri: (groans and looks around the place) Holy moly! Where am I?

When Peri tried to get up on his shaky tentacles, Gomez and Captain Lightning helped him up as the keeper welcomed him.

Gomez: Welcome to the Multiverse.

Peri thanked Gomez and Lightning but then stopped to look at the big statues of Alfred and Matt Hatter and walks toward them to stare in awe.

Peri: Hey, who are those guys? (points at the statues)

Captain Lightning: (shocked) Are you kidding? Is he kidding?

Peri: No. (glances at Lightning) Just who are those guys?

Gomez: That's Alfred Hatter and his grandson, Matt Hatter. The previous Hatter Heroes.

Peri: Oh... So, (turns to Roxie, Gomez and Lightning) what's a Hatter Hero?

Captain Lightning: Ha! (turns away, folds his arms, and frowns disapprovingly) Creepy and clueless, for a Hatter Hero. I knew we got the wrong guy.

Roxie glared at Lightning again and kicked him lightly on the shin.

Captain Lightning: (muttering) Ow... What?

Lightning nudged her but before they could fight, Gomez shot them both a stern look to remind both of them that they have a visitor. So they stood silently with their hands behind their backs, but they kept on glaring at each other.

Roxie: (clears her throat) So instead of a human Hatter Hero, the Chronicles sent us a-

Peri: (finishes Roxie's sentence)Um, Peri. My name's Peri. Just hold on a sec. Who the heck are you guys?

Roxie: (introduces herself first) The name's Roxanna Alexi. Number one tracker. (crosses her arms and smiles)

Gomez: But you can call her Roxie. (introduces himself next) I'm Gomez, last of the keepers. I'm here to watch over you. (points his thumbs to Captain Lightning and Roxie) And these guys too.

Captain Lightning: (he and Roxie glares at him in reminding) You mean, you came along for the ride.

Gomez: (scratches the back of his head and laughs nervously) Right...

Captain Lightning: (introduces himself last) And I'm Captain Lightning! Numero uno-

Before Lightning could finish his motto, Gomez elbows him on the arm to cut it off.

Captain Lightning: Oof!

Roxie: Okay Lightning! We get it! You don't have to say it twice ya' know.

Captain Lightning: (turns to Roxie while he rubs his arm) Right. (turns back to Peri) But you can call me Lightning if you want.

Peri: Okay. So, what's a Multiverse?

Gomez: You're standing on it. (points down to the ground) Well at least one part of it. You see-

Peri: (turns to Roxie who cuts Gomez off)

Roxie: You've got the Chronicles, right? The Interactive Chronicles of Action and Adventure?

Gomez points his thumb over his shoulder to show Peri the book in his backpack.

Gomez: The big book.

Peri: You mean (takes the Chronicles out of his backpack) this book? The one that I found in the Doctor's old library?

Gomez: Open it Peri, and you'll see the many wonders.

Peri opens the Chronicles as the Multi Vision Specs appears on his head again and a bright light comes out of the Chronicles. His eyes grew wide in amazement and his jaw drops.

Peri: Holy moly!

Gomez: The Multiverse is a hidden dimension filled with many different realms. The Region of Ruins, the Sea of Sands...

Peri turns a page to a map of the Multiverse with different realms.

Gomez: Carnival City, Enchanted Forest, and countless others.

Peri: Wow. I never knew there was another world that's different from mine. (takes a closer look at the next page with super villains) Wait! Who are these guys?

Gomez: Those are the bad guys in the Chronicles. Long ago, monsters and villains from a place they called the Coronet leaked into the Multiverse, turning it into a dark and dangerous place.

Peri: (looks up from the Chronicles) So, you're telling me that villains from old scary movies came to life?

Gomez: Uh huh.

(A flashback of Matt booking the Mummy)

Gomez: Matt Hatter, and his grandfather, Alfred, before him, and his father, before him, journeyed into the Multiverse, vired a portal, and one by one, locked each villain in the Chronicles' villain vault.

Lord Tenoroc's image appears and reaches his hand out as if wanting to strangle Peri. Frightened, Peri shut the Chronicles tight and the specs on his eyes disappeared.

Peri: (screams and turns his head away. Then opens one eye and the other as he turned back to his new friends)

Gomez: I'm guessing you just met Tenoroc. Master of all supervillains and your arch enemy.

Peri: (clutches the Chronicles tightly) What? But I don't wanna an arch enemy, especially this guy. Do I?

Captain Lightning: Well, of course you do, mutant. The Chronicles did chose (crosses his arms and points at Peri) you after all.

Peri: (looks down at the Chronicles) But.. I'm just a mutant, I'm no Hatter. How did the Chronicles choose me?

Gomez shrugs but didn't say anything else. Suddenly, a thought hit Captain Lightning on the head.

Captain Lightning: Wait! I just remembered! Before Matt went to high school, he and his grandfather gave the Chronicles a new power that will mix anyone's DNA with Matt's. Since there aren't any Hatters left in their family just yet. I saw them do that since I was on Earth as Lio Hatter, my alter ego in Matt's world.

Peri: (turns to Lightning with wide surprised eyes) You mean after I opened the Chronicles, my DNA got mixed with Matt's DNA? Wow! No wonder I felt that weird feeling in my body. But how did the Chronicles end up in the Doctor's library?

Roxie: Maybe, (rubs her chin) Matt sent them there by accident or something? (frowns and then shrugs) I guess we'll never know.

Peri: Or... Maybe Matt gave the Chronicles to the Doctor before he created me and my friends many years ago. But I still don't wanna be this Hatter Hero. (turns to Lightning) Do I?

Captain Lightning: (groans in annoyance) Am I the only one around here who has to keep answering your questions?! Of course! Like I said, the Chronicles did chose you after all. So now that your DNA has been mixed with the Hatters' DNA, there's no turning back now. (waves his hand) No complaints nessecary.

Roxie: Lightning's right. You don't have a say in it, mutant. Only you (points at Peri) can recapture Tenoroc's villains and put them all back in the villain vault.

Peri: But... The Doctor was suppose to be this Hatter Hero guy, not me. I'll just find him and then give him the specs and then I'll-

Gomez: (cuts Peri off) You can't. Once the Multi Vision Specs identify a Hatter's bloodline, they DNA lock. They won't work on anyone else, but you now. Well, since your DNA and Matt's DNA have been fused together.

Peri raised an eyebrow and frowned at them, but he knew that they were right. So he had no choice but to give in, even though he still didn't wanna do it.

Roxie: Quit dragging your tentacles and get with the program. We've got a villain to bag.

Peri, Lightning, and Gomez follow Roxie.

Gomez: Did I mention I'm also president of the Hatter Fan Club?

Peri: (turns to Gomez) I have a fan club? Wow! (smiles) Maybe being this Hatter Hero guy won't be so bad after all.

Captain Lightning: See. Now you're gettin' it. (pats Peri on the back and grins at him)

Peri: (laughs a little)

Chapter Five: Enter Lord Tenoroc

In the Sky Castle, Lord Tenoroc was spying on Peri with his Triple Sphere.

Lord Tenoroc: So, the new Hatter Hero is a mere mutant.

Craw: Insult! It's an insult I say!

Tenoroc: (turns to Craw) Still, a Hatter is a Hatter. And mere mutant or not, he must be destroyed.

With the tip of his finger, Lord Tenoroc swipes the screen of the Triple Sphere and the image of Peri is replaced with the face of the Black Knight. He had a mission for him to complete.

Lord Tenoroc: Black Knight...

Black Knight: (looks up) Lord Tenoroc. What is your bidding?

The face of Tenoroc appears on a thundercloud as he began.

Lord Tenoroc: You have a new mission. Crush the new Hatter Hero. He has arrived in the Region of Ruins but beware of his companions for that they will not leave his side. Defeat... Peri Hatter and don't fail me again like last time.

Black Knight: Yes my Lord. It shall be done and Hatter will be doomed.

As Tenoroc's face disappeared from the thundercloud, the Black Knight rode his hover charger away to the location of where Peri and his new friends are.

Chapter Six: Enter Black Knight

In the canyon of the Region of Ruins, Peri, Lightning, and Gomez stopped and watched Roxie who was bent down and tracking, which was her special ability.

Peri: Wow! What's she doing? (sees Roxie bending down with her hands on the ground and her eyes closed)

Gomez: Tracking. Roxie can pick up hidden trails that you, Lightning, and I can't.

Peri's eyes widen in amazement as he glanced back at Roxie and then turned back to Gomez.

Peri: Wow. So uh, who are we looking for? (shrugs)

Gomez began to explain to him about the Black Knight as they stopped on their tracks. Peri listened carefully.

Gomez: The Black Knight. A powerful and immortal warrior spirit in a suit of dark armor who absorbs the skills of other warriors.

Peri: Oh... How does he absorb their skills?

Gomez: He opens his helmet and then sucks their fighting skills inside his armor.

Peri: (disgusted) Eww... That sounds gross!

Captain Lightning: Not as gross as breathing in Zombie Boss's dead breath. (laughs at that thought)

He, Peri, and Gomez laughed together just when Peri let out a gasp in shock.

Peri: Um guys! (eyes grow wide with fear) Does the Black Knight ride some kind of big black horsey thing or something?!

Captain Lightning: You mean the hover charger? Yeah. (his smile disappears and raises an eyebrow with confusion) Wait! What part of the picture is telling you that?

Peri: (backs away slowly) Uh. From that guy in that black suit of armor charging towards us... BEHIND YOU!!!! (points at the Black Knight with a trembling finger)

Captain Lightning and Gomez looked over their shoulders to where Peri was pointing at and there came the Black Knight charging towards them, wielding his sword in the air. His hover charger let out a horse like neigh!

Black Knight: Defend yourselves!

Captain Lightning: It's him! The Black Knight! (summons a lightning bolt in his hand) Peri! Gomez! Get behind me! I'll take care of him!

Roxie: (jumps in front of Lightning) Stand aside, Lightbulb! I've got this! (clutches her staff)

Captain Lightning was annoyed, but he joined Roxie in the fight anyway while Peri helped Gomez find a hiding spot.

Gomez: Don't worry about me! (shakes in fear) I'm an expert at finding a good hiding place. Uh!

Roxie: (glances at Gomez) Gomez! Just move it!

Captain Lightning: Look alive, Roxie! He's comin' this way! KAPOWIE!!! (throws his lightning bolt at the Black Knight, but the Black Knight dodges it)

He and Roxie fought with the Black Knight and Gomez gasped as Peri pushed him behind a nearby boulder. He too gasped at the battle between two against one!

Black Knight: Ha! A poor excuse for a warrior!

Captain Lightning: (growls in anger and frustration and points at the Black Knight) We'll show you a poor excuse! (summons another lightning bolt)

Roxie: (sprints over the Black Knight and lands gracefully on her feet) In the case of the Black Knight, the best defense is offense!

She smacks the Black Knight on the back with her staff and Lightning throws his lightning bolt at the Black Knight's chest! He lets out a scream of pain.

Captain Lightning: (laughs) Too easy!

Captain Lightning summons another lightning bolt in his hand and twirls it like a baton. But before he could throw it, the Black Knight spun around and stared at him with angry eyes.

Black Knight: YOU!!!! (swings his sword at Lightning)

Captain Lightning: (gasps) Whoa! (ducks just in time and cups his hand to his mouth to call out to Peri) Peri! Quick! Use your Cell Blaster! It's the only way to defeat the Black Knight!

Peri: What? What's a Cell Blaster?!

Gomez: (from behind the boulder) We're... (sighs) doomed.

Peri had to think fast, and quick! His friends were in danger. Without thinking, he turned to the hover charger and ran over to it. Then he hopped on and drove it toward Roxie, Lightning, and the Black Knight.


Roxie and Lightning turned to see Peri charging towards them just to give the Black Knight some time to attack them! Roxie managed to dodge his sword but Lightning got knocked out, and then landed flat on his back. As he laid there groaning with pain, Black Knight opened his helmet revealing a green glowing face above Lightning's face!

Black Knight: At last! Time to claim your fighting skills as mine, traitor! (moves his face closer)

Captain Lightning's body levitated as light green lines flowed right out of him and were getting sucked into the Black Knight's armor. He screamed in agony, but he was still holding on.

Peri saw what was going on, so he grabbed a big rock from the ground then clutched it really hard, ready to throw it at the Black Knight.

Peri: (holds on to the hover charger's handle with his left hand) LEAVE MY FRIEND ALONE!!! (throws the rock at the Black Knight)

Luckily, the rock hit the Black Knight straight on the head and closed his helmet shut which stopped all of Lightning's fighting skills from getting sucked in and his body dropped to the ground. Peri hops off the hover charger, which was still going that it then crashed right into the Black Knight on the stomach, and he, Roxie, and Gomez ran towards Lightning to help him up to his feet.

Peri: (holds Lightning's hand) You okay, Lightning?

Captain Lighting: (shakes his head and gets up) Yeah, better late than never... (weakly smiles)

Roxie: At least he won't be any trouble to us.

Gomez: (shakily) Don't count on it! (turns to the Black Knight)

Peri followed Gomez's stare as the Black Knight was heading straight for them to attack again!

Peri: Uh oh! Time for Plan B!

Gomez: We have a Plan B?

Peri: (turns to Gomez) Yup, run!!!!

The gang runs into the middle cave entrance as Roxie picked up her staff on the way. Meanwhile, the Black Knight lifted his hover charger back up and hopped on it.

Black Knight: There's no escape! That refuge shall be your doom!

The Black Knight pressed a button on his laser gun and aimed above the entrance. With some rocks falling off with a THUD!!!, it trapped Peri and the others into darkness of the cave! Tenoroc grinned evilly as he watched this from his Triple Sphere.

Lord Tenoroc: Another Hatter bites the dust!

Craw: Just in time too! (grins) Looked like that mutant Hatter Hero was about to beat... you.

Lord Tenoroc glared down at Craw and raised his hand at him.

Lord Tenoroc: From stone you came, in stone you remain. (uses his powers to freeze Craw)

As Tenoroc said those words, Craw was frozen stiff and he couldn't move a muscle. Tenoroc turned back to his Triple Sphere and tapped on it's black orb with his finger. The Black Knight's face appeared again on the screen.

Lord Tenoroc: Black Knight... This is your quest. (swipes the image of Black Knight, replacing it with another image that holds a chalice with light shooting up in the sky) The Chalice Of Harmony. Find it. Claim it!

Chapter Seven: The Cell Blaster

Meanwhile, inside the dark cave, Gomez was in panic and breathing heavily while Roxie was looking for a way out. Peri and Lightning came by his side to calm him down.

Gomez: (panicking) We're trapped! Help! Oh, oh, oh! I hate confined spaces! (inhales some air and exhales it out) I can't-! (inhales and exhales again) I can't breathe!!!

Peri: Hey! Take it easy Gomez. (pats Gomez on the shoulder softly and gives him a soothing smile) Tell me about this Cell Blaster. What is it and where is it?

Captain Lightning: Yeah Gomez. Film Peri in while Roxie finds a way out. (turns to Roxie who was looking for an exit) Hey! Any luck yet, Rox?!

Roxie: (glares back at Lightning) I'm going as fast as I can, Lightning! You know this exit can't find itself! (goes back to searching)

Gomez: (breathes through his nose and calmly exhales from his mouth) Okay, the Cell Blaster is a Hatter's first and last line of defense. It's a highly adaptable weapon, but more importantly, it can lock the villains in the Chronicles' villain vault.

Peri: (raises an eyebrow with curiosity) Villain vault?

Captain Lightning: Yeah. (nods) It's where all the villains' Life Cells are stored in the pages of the Chronicles. (holds out his hand for Peri to give him the Chronicles) Here, I'll show you.

Peri took the Chronicles out of his backpack and handed them to Lightning.

Captain Lightning: Now, take a look. (opens the Chronicles to reveal a picture of the Black Knight on the left page and a jail like picture on the right with a blank Life Cell on the left bottom)

Peri: (leans closer to it) Ooh. This one's empty.

Gomez: They all are. (steps in while Captain Lightning closes the Chronicles and gives them back to Peri who then puts them back in his backpack) Tenoroc stole the Life Cells, and now it's all down to you to recapture them.

Peri tapped his tentacle on the ground and put his finger and thumb on his chin, thinking.

Peri: Hmm. Okay, let's see: Cell Blaster, Life Cell, and Villain Vault. Got it! So where do we find this Cell Blaster thingy, Gomez?

Gomez: Right here, in the Region of Ruins. After Tenoroc's defeat, Matt Hatter, the previous Hatter Hero, had to leave the Multiverse to go to high school. So to safeguard the Cell Blaster, he DNA locked it in solid rock to await the next and new Hatter Hero. The same way his grandfather, Alfred, did when he was facing certain defeat.

Peri: Wow... How come you know all this stuff?

Gomez: (shrugs) Nah! Hey, it's what we keepers do.

Just then, Roxie called the boys over her shoulder. She finally found a way out!

Roxie: Over here! I think I've just found our way out!

Captain Lightning: Finally! Let's go!

The gang ran out to the exit, with Roxie in the lead. But what they didn't know was that Lord Tenoroc was spying on them again. He grimaced at them!

Lord Tenoroc: What?! Hatter's alive?! (growls and pounds on the table) Well, I have a remedy for that! (turns to Craw who was still frozen) Craw. Bring me my space and matter traps.

But Craw still couldn't move to get them for his master. Lord Tenoroc snickered and smiled evilly again.

Lord Tenoroc: Never mind. (lifts the Spatter Trap onto the Triple Sphere with his telekinesis power)

Then he spun it around like a top and blue and red colors swirled together inside the orb.

Lord Tenoroc: Shifting space and matter...

Chapter Eight: Peri's Going Multi Vision!

After they made their way out, Roxie lead the boys to a hover cart. Peri and Roxie were in the front and Gomez and Lightning were in the back.

Roxie: Get on! This will take us to the bottom of the castle!

Peri lifted his arms in the air as the cart took speed. He felt like he was in a roller coaster ride!

Peri: Woohoo! Alright!

Just then, something was heading straight for them! It was some flying rocks!

Gomez: (gasps) Look out! Flying rocks!

Peri: (holds his arm up his face to protect himself from the rocks) Whoa!

Just when he was about to get hit on the forehead, some rocks flew straight through their cart and through the gang like a ghost! Peri's arm went down as he felt that and gasped.

Peri: Holy moly! How did that happen?!

Roxie: Error glitch!

Gomez: Tenoroc is manipulating space and matter!

Captain Lightning: Geh! I hate it when he does that! Whoa!

Roxie: We're caught in a Spatter Trap! (turns to Peri) Peri! Gomez, Lightning and I can't see all the hidden threats! You've gotta go Multi Vision!

Peri couldn't understand what she meant as he raised an eyebrow again.

Peri: Go where?

Captain Lightning: Just say "Going Multi Vision" just like Matt did! And the Multi Vision Specs will appear, they'll help you see the dangers! Do it! Hurry!

Peri felt like panicking, but he did what his friends told him. So...

Peri: Okay, okay! Um... GOING MULTI VISION!!!! (the Multi Vision Specs appear on his head again as he said those words)

Suddenly, everything in front of Peri swirled and was replaced with some kind of crystal cave that he and his friends were in now!

Peri: Holy moly! What's happening?

Roxie: We're inside one of Tenoroc's traps!

A crystal column broke and was falling onto the ground, but Peri moved out of the way just in time!

Peri: (sighs heavily in relief) Phew! That was close!

Captain Lightning: Peri! What do you see?

Peri: I see...

Suddenly, flying glass hedgehogs flew towards them and they looked like they were ready to attack!

Peri: (gasps) Flying hedgehog mutants made of glass?!

Gomez: No! Crystal gremlins!

Peri managed to doge them by moving the cart from left to right, then front to back and again. But he had to watch out for falling crystals too.

Peri: Gah! What do I do now?

Roxie: Peri! Look for a fault! A weakness! Our way out!

Peri: Uh... (scans for the exit) I don't see anything!

Gomez: Aah! Peri hurry!

Captain Lightning: Peri!!! Focus!

Peri focused harder on looking for the escape route and saw their only chance!

Peri: (gasps) Wait! Crystal glass! You hit just the right pitch... (Peri skids the cart onto the right, making a screeching sound that shatters the glass) it shatters!

After their escape, they landed on solid ground. They were free from Tenoroc's trap! The gang then got off their ride as Gomez was feeling dizzy.

Peri: Wow! (the Multi Vision Specs disappear from his eyes again) That was fun! Let's do that again!

Captain Lightning: (shoots a stern look at Peri) Uh. Let's not do that again.

Gomez: (dizzily) Agreed.

Peri: Okay. (turns to Roxie) Now where are we?

Roxie: I know where we are. Follow me.

Once again, Roxie lead the boys, only to where the Cell Blaster is hidden.

Chapter Nine: Peri Finds The Cell Blaster

Meanwhile, the Black Knight finds the Chalice Of Harmony but as he lifted the lid off, he backed away as he was blinded by the chalice's light. Tenoroc glared down at him from the Triple Sphere.

Lord Tenoroc: Fool! Your shadow armor will protect you from the Chalice Of Harmony's sacred light! Now take the chalice and plunge all the Region of Ruins into eternal darkness!

Black Knight closed the chalice and took it.

Black Knight: It is done.

Meanwhile, in a hidden cave, the gang finds the Cell Blaster on solid rock, just like what Gomez said.

Gomez: There it is, Peri. (points at the Cell Blaster on the rock) The Cell Blaster. All you need is courage, strength, and focus.

But before Peri got up to get it, Roxie held her palm up to his face to stop him.

Roxie: Qualities I possess by the bucket lot.

Captain Lightning: Oh great. (rolls his eyes and crosses his arms) Here we go again.

She tried hard to pull the weapon out of the rock, but Roxie had no luck and fell to the ground.

Gomez: Oh and of course... You need to be a Hatter.

Roxie: Right. (rubs her head) I forgot... again.

Lightning put his hand over his mouth to hold back a laugh.

Captain Lightning: Ha! Who needs to work on their remembering now huh? (sneers down at Roxie)

Roxie got up to her feet and glared at him. Then Lightning growled at her as he stopped giggling, but Gomez started glaring at them to stop. They both looked embarrassed just when Peri volunteered.

Peri: Hey! My DNA is mixed with Matt's DNA, remember? Maybe I can pull it out.

Roxie: Hmm. Good luck.

Peri went up to the Cell Blaster and held onto it. He pulled onto it hard but it still didn't come off.

Gomez: (encouragingly) Peri. Focus, believe.

Peri grunted as he tried harder, but it was still stuck. So he gave himself a pep talk.

Peri: (mutters to himself) Come on, Peri. You can do this.... For the Multiverse, for your friends, for going back home to play Bucket Stick Fruit Ball with Entrée.

He closed his eyes and thought about the brave things he'd done the past few years while he kept on pulling the Cell Blaster: First, he thought about saving Entree from falling into the lava even if he was burning his new butterfly wings, then he thought about defeating the bowling pin aliens with his bowling ball, and finally, he thought about defeating Mister Smarty Smarts by eating so many sweets that made him freeze time and go super fast.

Then he thought about the Multiverse being in danger, Tenoroc enslaving all it's people, Matt Hatter who was counting on him, and his friends too. All old and new. Peri knew that he can't let them down! Not just now!

Suddenly, like King Arthur pulling the sword off the stone, the Cell Blaster came loose and it was right in Peri's hand! He smiled and held it up high with triumphant.

Captain Lightning: Hm. (smiles) Impressive.

Roxie: Ha! Must have loosened it.

Peri: (a determined look appeared on his face and he clutches his fist) Now we're ready for the Black Knight!

Chapter Ten: Book Him, Peri!

Outside, the Black Knight went to his hover charger with the Chalice of Harmony in his hand!

Roxie: There he is!

Gomez: And look! (points at the chalice) He's got the Chalice of Harmony!

Peri: Is that bad? (looks at Gomez with a questioning look)

Gomez: Bad? It's Harmonia's sacred light! Without it, this place will look like Discordia! A lifeless ruin!

Captain Lightning prepared a lightning bolt in his hand just to be ready to attack the Black Knight.

Captain Lightning: Well we can't let that happen now, can we?

Peri: Then what are we waiting for?! Let's stop him and quick!

The gang rode a nearby cart straight to the Black Knight, while Peri held the Cell Blaster and Lightning held his lightning bolt tightly. The Black Knight turned to see the gang heading his way!

Black Knight: So... You survived. Perhaps you are a worthy warrior!

The Black Knight held his sword in the air as his hover charger charged towards the gang but Peri grinned with confidence as he stared at the charging Black Knight, bravely.

Peri: Alright Black Knight! Bring it on! (raises the Cell Blaster in the air as the Multi Vision Specs appeared on his eyes again. Then let's out a battle cry)

As they charged straight towards him, Peri was trying to figure out how to turn the Cell Blaster on before the Black Knight got an opening to attack them!

Captain Lightning: I sure hope he knows what he's doing!

Roxie: He's not, but he's doing it in Matt's style!

Peri: (shakes the Cell Blaster violently) Geh! How the heck does this thing work? (finds a hexagon shaped button on it) Ah! Got it!

Peri pressed the button and the Cell Blaster lets out a bright green pulse that zapped the Black Knight's hand, which was holding the chalice, and he dropped it!

Peri: Roxie! The chalice! Catch it!

Roxie held out her hand to catch it, but Gomez caught it instead.

Peri: (over his shoulder) Nice catch, Gomez!

Peri stops the cart as he and his friends hopped off it.

Roxie: Step aside! (grabs the chalice from Gomez and places her hand on the lid to open the chalice)

Gomez: Roxie! Don't open it! The light with blind you!

Captain Lightning: (snatches the chalice from Roxie) Gimme that, Rox! That's enough trouble you'll cause for one day.

Roxie: (glares at Lightning) Excuse me?!

Just then, the Black Knight and his hover charger appeared behind them and took out his sword to attack again. He got off his hover charger to fight Peri.

Luckily, Peri pressed the button again to reveal a blade of light shot out from the Cell Blaster. He clutched onto it very tightly and glared at the Black Knight, ready to fight.

Peri: You wanna fight? Let's fight! (battle cries again and runs right towards the Black Knight)

Black Knight: (blocks Peri's attack) Those brave words shall be your last! (clashes his sword against Peri's)

Peri: (grins) Ha! We'll see about that!

The battle was epic! It was sword fighting competition between Peri and the Black Knight! The swords clashed together as sparks showers out of both of them and Peri dodged the Black Knight's every movement thanks to his elastic body.

Peri: (turns to Gomez while he keeps battling) Gomez, quick! How do I beat this guy? What's his weakness? Whoa! (slides to the left when the Black Knight's sword hits the ground)

Gomez: There... isn't one! Only pure light can harm the Black Knight, but with his shadow armor, it's impossible to defeat him!

Peri: (glares at Gomez) You mean I can't beat this guy until I get him to open his helmet and let something shiny get inside him?! Oh great now you tell me! (gasps and then slides under the Black Knight's legs)

Peri and the Black Knight continue their battle as he jumped to his tentacles and over him. He pointed the blade at the Black Knight.

Peri: Ha ha! Is that all you've got?

But before he could attack, the Black Knight swung his sword at Peri and he was knocked out cold!

Roxie, Gomez, and Lightning had worried looks on their faces.

Roxie: Peri!

Gomez: Oh no, what have you done?!

Captain Lightning: This does not look good... (smacks his forehead)

The Black Knight walked towards Peri, then bent down and opened his helmet to reveal his green face again above him.

Black Knight: At last. Your fighting skills are mine. (moves closer to Peri)

But Peri was only pretending to be knocked out as he slowly opened his eyes and called out to Lightning.

Peri: Lightning quick! (the Multi Vision Specs appear on his eyes after he opens them) Toss me the chalice!

As told, Lightning grabbed the chalice and tossed it to Peri. Peri then closed his eyes as he pointed the chalice towards the Black Knight and then removed the lid from the chalice, letting the light shoot straight into the Black Knight's face!

Black Knight: (screams) It burns! (he suddenly turns hologram)

Behind him, Roxie, Gomez, and Lightning shielded their eyes from the light when Gomez shouted to Peri.

Gomez: Peri! He's going hologram! Book him!

As he placed the chalice on the ground, Peri picked up the Cell Blaster and pointed it at the Black Knight as he pressed and held onto the button. A blue and red shot out from it, sucking the Black Knight back into his Life Cell.

Black Knight: Victory is yours, Hatter!

After he was in his Life Cell again, Peri screwed the Cell Blaster with the Black Knight's Life Cell onto the Chronicles and it sank into the hexagon gem.

Gomez: One super villain, back where he belongs. In the villain vault.

The Chronicles opened to the page where the Black Knight was locked in. He clutched the bars of his cell and growled at Peri, but he ignored him and closed the Chronicles shut.

Peri: (the Multi Vision Specs disappear from his eyes again) Wow! I can't believe I just did that! That was great!

His friends came over to him to congratulate him by giving high fives. But back in the Sky Castle, Lord Tenoroc was fuming at the sight of Peri booking the Black Knight and he cast an look of fury on him and and his friends.

Lord Tenoroc: Again! Another Hatter Hero foils my plans! (inhales and exhales from his mouth) But... I will send more villains, and even stronger than the Black Knight. Only after I regain my power.

Craw: (Still frozen) Master... (grunts) Master! You still have enough power to free me. Haven't you?

Chapter Eleven: Enter Alfred Hatter

Gomez: Whoa. Peri, you were awesome out there!

Peri: (blushes and scratches the back of his head) Gee, thanks Gomez. But I never could've done it without you guys.

Captain Lightning: Yeah, and ya' know Peri. For a mutant, you don't use the Cell Blaster so badly. I take back everything I said about you when you came to the Multiverse.

Peri: Thanks Lightning. So uh, what did you say about me when I came here?

Captain Lightning: Uh... (sweat drops again and nervously grins) Nothing.

Suddenly, another hologram hovers out of the Chronicles. But this time, it was an old man with glasses, a kilt, a white mustache, and gray hair with a ponytail on the back of his head. He fixed his glasses on Peri.

Alfred Hatter: My. Who is this?

Peri waved at Alfred's hologram and grinned at him with greeting.

Peri: I'm Peri, and I'm the new Hatter Hero. What's your name?

Gomez: (introduces Peri to Alfred) Peri. This is Matt Hatter's grandfather, Alfred Hatter, and the previous Hatter Hero before Matt.

Alfred Hatter: Peri, eh? So, the Chronicles' new power did work, just as Matt and I hoped it would. Did your DNA fused with his DNA then?

Peri: (nods) Yeah! It's crazy but awesome! I really thought that this was all a big mistake, but I just booked the Black Knight!

Alfred Hatter: (looking proud) Well done, Peri! Now listen, it's now down to you to protect the Multiverse and keep it safe. My grandson, Matthew, may still be going to high school, but he will help you on many of your adventures. Keep Tenoroc and his villains from corrupting the Multiverse and most importantly, (places a fist on his heart) you must take care of your friends and yourself.

Peri: But... How can I do that?

Before Alfred could answer his question, he sank back into the Chronicles.

Peri: No! No! Wait! Where are you going now?

Gomez: Don't you see Peri? The weaker Tenoroc gets, the stronger the Hatters get.

Roxie: Until all those villains are back in the villain vault, Matt will be more powerful enough to defeat Tenoroc.

Peri puts the Chronicles back in his backpack.

Peri: So all I have to do is book all the bad guys to help Matt. But... How'll I do that on my own?

Captain Lightning: (comes over to Peri and places his hand on his shoulder) You're not on you own, Peri.

Gomez: You have us.

Peri smiled as he and his new friends held out their hands to form a pact. Just then, the vortex back home appears behind them.

Roxie: (points at the vortex) I think that's your ride home.

Peri: Oh boy! I can't wait to tell Entrée about this! When I do, he's gonna be so excited that he'll want to come and-

Gomez let out a gasp in alarm.

Gomez: You can't tell anyone about the Multiverse, Peri! It has to remain a secret!

Peri: Why not?

Gomez: No one should know about your secret, except you. But unless you do want to tell your friend about it, he must make promise to never tell anyone about the Multiverse or Tenoroc and his villains.

Peri looked down. He really wanted to tell Entrée about the Multiverse, but he knew that his best friend can't always keep a little secret, not even for once. So Peri decided that he should keep it to himself.

Peri: Okay. Well I better get going. I've got a game to finish with Entrée. (runs to the vortex)

Captain Lightning: Good luck then, Peri! See you soon!

Roxie: (calls out to Peri) And remember Peri! The Multiverse has to remain a secret!

Peri: Got it! Bye guys! See you next time! (waves goodbye to his friends and jumps into the vortex to get back home)

Chapter Twelve: Home Sweet Home

When Peri came back to the old theatre, the Multi Vision Specs disappear and he wiped the sweat off his forehead. Then outside, he grabbed the swineapple and ran straight back to Entrée's backyard where Entrée was sleeping on the tricycle with his elbow on the handle.

Entrée: (snores but then wakes up to see Peri return with the swineapple) Peri! Finally! What took you so long? I was getting bored.

Peri wanted to tell Entrée about his crazy new adventure in the Multiverse, but he promised Roxie that he wouldn't tell anyone not even Entrée about it. So he said a little lie.

Peri: Uh, I just got lost in the forest, looking for the swineapple. But I found a shortcut back here and uh, found you. (grins innocently)

Entrée: (raises his eyebrow and rubs his chin) Hmmm..... Well, makes sense to me. Now come on buddy! Let's play....

Peri: (drops the swineapple and picks up the bucket again) Bucket!

Entrée: (picks up the stick) Stick!


Peri: Woohoo!!!! (a rainbow appears behind him again)

Once again, Peri and Entrée continued their game until the sun came down and evening came. Later that night, Peri was at home in bed but before he could sleep, he took the Chronicles out of under his fur and smiled down at it. He knew that he was up for a new adventure. With some cool new friends and cool new gadgets, Peri would be invincible against Lord Tenoroc!

Peri: (smiles confidently to himself) Yeah. Look out Tenoroc, there's a new Hatter Hero in town. And that's... me. (yawns and drifts off to sleep)


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