24. Phibious

Phibious is a sea monster that lives in the depths of the black lagoon, He was summoned by Lord Tenoroc in episode 11 of Season 2 Monster From The Dark Lagoon.


Phibious is a slimy swamp-creature with a thirst for power, has turquoise scales and fins and webbed feet with suckers. He also has tanks on his back filled with pure H²O that allows him to breathe.

Personality Edit

Phibious is a sea monster that lives in the depths of the black lagoon under Carnival City and was bound to have revenge on all the "air-breathers.

Weakness Edit

His weakness is light and Water Deprivation.

Abilities Edit

Phibious he can shoot out venom darts which she can paralyze his victims in anywhere, he can also climb the walls by his turquoise scales and fins and tiny suckers in his hands and his feet, and his natural habitat is the depths of the black lagoon, and is the only villain can breathes underwater, and he love toxic swamp gases and his smell is very toxic and very stink like a moldy fish, he can breath in the air by his tanks on his back which provide him with pure water can use it to breathe for a long time in air, and hates the light, and it is a greater weakness with make it deprived of breathing the water, because without water, it will die.

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