Pinocchio is an evil like elf puppet that was summoned in Trust the Scientist episode.

In the series Edit

Tenoroc summoned him in Carnival City to destroy the Scientist for helping the Street Kids and giving them new gadgets. When Matt arrived, he said that he's kid sized and he thinks that this is easy, but he doesn't know that Pinocchio's every body part is a dangerous weapon. In the end the Scientist creates a trap and Pinocchio falls apart. Later, he gets booked.

Appearance Edit

Pinocchio is a small wooden elf like puppet villain. He has big ears, red hair a black hat with a skull, yellow eyes, spikey teeth, elf's clothing, elf shoes and a big nose.

Abilities Edit

-Finger Guns: His fingers are guns.

-Wire Hands: He can launches his hands on wires from his arms to grab his opponent.

- Monster Mought:When he opens his mought a monster mough is revield that can blow a powerfull red wind.

-Coo Coo Monster Bird: When his arms open he can launch a silver coo coo monster bird.When it bites someone it electrocutes them.

-Vine Atack:When his head is opend he can realise a Vine that can catch enemies.

-Laser Eyes: Eyes that shoot lasers.

-Fire Nose When tells lies his nose grows and can shoot fire like a blowtorch.

-Supraise Juggling He can juggle strange balls that surprise people by exploding.

-Missile: When his stomach is opened he can launch a gigantic missile that can destroy Carnival City, but for the missile to work he needs to launch it somewhere far far away.

-Talking with his Closed Mouth: He can talk without moving his lips.

Weakness Edit

Yellow Termites