Professor Vladimir Gorsky-0

Professor Vladimir Gorsky is another villain summoned by Lord Tenoroc, His appeared in episode 13 of season 1 Chamber of Doom and he also apeared in Return To The Future


Lord Tenoroc sends Professor Gorsky to find the Light Stone found in the lost tomb order to be able to get eternal life, and the implementation of the orders Tenoroc forever. Though he gained triumph against Team Matt Hatter at the end, the Professor had gone attacked by the snakes of the lost tomb which made him turns into a hologram along with the Light Stone and imprisoned inside the Chronicles.

When the time traveler Tictok traveled to the point of where Gorsky imprisoned, he stopped the serpents from attacking the professor and Tenoroc then got him back with the Light Stone to his army once again.

Abilities Edit

Professor Gorsky have a golden robotic hand a very sophisticated destroys them everything, He can develops him much more than before, He also has three modes in his golden robotic hand, and it is: Attack Mode, Defense Mode and the Ultimate Mode, he is also a very evil genius and dangerous villain.

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