Raven is a villain that appears in the episode The Night Witch


Raven looks like a regular thin girl around Roxie's age but with long black hair and is covered in black raven feathers and has dark blue eyes. she has fair snow white skin.


Raven can fly, can turn into a murder of hungry ravens and can can blast necro energy from her hands

In the episode

Raven is first summoned in the Sea of Sands so she can free Sobek, the war king of the sea of sands. She is first told to find the key to the co-ordinates in the stolen oasis but she is confronted by Team Hatter and she manages to fail her mission because of Matt using his flare mode and invisi-shield. While Matt goes through a spatter trap, she turns into a murder of ravens and flies to the Golden Tomb. She lies in wait for Matt and she successfully ambushes them and finds the tomb of Sobek but Matt pulse blasts the statue and turns hologram because of the intense light shards.


Intense Sunlight