Red Scarab is one of the villains that appeared in the episode The Fearsome Four


Red Scarab has short wavy brown hair and he wears red goggles. he hears a red and yellow jumpsuit that has a medium sized tech pack on the back that boosts the power of Red Scarab. He wears Red boots that have small holes in the heel that emmit a sub-sonic sound waves that make him fly.


Red Scarab can generate powerful sound blasts from his hands and can also manipulate sound like moving sound through a chosen part of the body so it moves at supersonic speed, even though if emitted through the legs, it will not allow him the powe of super speed. He can also use this to fly.

In the Episode

Red Scarab is sent to the Enchanted Forest so he can break open he Golden Vault with his ability to generate and manipulate sound. He battles Roxie which ables to drive him away from the vault even though he is about to drop her from a 10,000ft drop in mid flight but Matt comes in to save the day by grabbing Roxie with his jet boots and then using his close range Cell Blast to destroy his pack that makes him fall from that height which turns him hologram then Matt books him, then after he is booked the chronicles opens up at his page and he says ' Until next time Hatter, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!'


If his tech pack is dangeresly ruptured

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