The Region of Ruins is the first world of the multiversium. Here Matt meets Roxie and Gomez for the first time. Here is a location called Temple Mount.


  • Temple Mount- located in the center of the realm, connects Harmonia and Discordia, on top is a giant red crystal, where Lord Tenoroc and Alfred Hatter had their final battle, and where Alfred banished both of them to their current prism realms
  • Gem Mines- contain powerful gems and minerals
  • Amphitheater- Place where Harmonians play ball games, where Samuel Hatter and Primal had their final battle
  • Harmonia- one of the once two major ancient civilizations of The Region of Ruins, protected and balanced by The Chalice of Harmony
  • Discordia- the other major ancient civilization now a lifeless wasteland of ruins, due to Tenoroc's destruction
  • Lover's Peak- a barren wasteland, being the only structures in it beings giant crumbling stone arches, where Lord Tenoroc and Primal had their last hand-to-hand encounter

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