Hatter TV Episode 26 – Return of the Shapeshifter22:27

Hatter TV Episode 26 – Return of the Shapeshifter

Return of the Shape Shifter is the 13th episode of Season 2.


Alfred Hatter has contacted Matt - he's been located by Roxie! As Matt and the team are near him... they release that a Shapeshifter is among them; as Gomez! Gomez divides Matt and Roxie, and tricks them into trapping Alfred Hatter again. Matt manages to book the shape-shifter, but Alfred is lost. Matt swears to find him... no matter how long it takes...


The episode starts with Matt's mom giving him some mail. As Matt opens it, he finds a photo of him and his grandpa that has "Never give up hope-A friend." written on it.

Villain Introduced Edit

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