Road Killer is another super villain summoned by Lord Tenoroc in Carnival City in Lightning's Chance.

Appearance Edit

Road Killer is a half man, half dead rat villain with the left eye that's clear while the right eye is covered in potassium and his right ear is torn off. Like Cyber Racer, he riders a motorcycle with spikes on the wheels and it can shoot wet stinky fur balls.

Personality Edit

Road Killer is very short tempered with the spirit of a daredevil and loves hogging the road. But what he really likes is running over someone with his motorcycle like road kill. He also likes calling people names, besides calling Matt, like other villains, "Hatter', he calls Captain Lightning "Captain Rebel" or "Rebel" for quitting Lord Tenoroc's deeds.

In the series Edit

In Lightning's Chance, Road Killer was summoned in Carnival City to run over the Street Kids, including Matt, Roxie, and Gomez. But Captain Lightning shows up and battles him to a showdown! Later, Lightning wins the battle and Matt books Road Killer.

Weaknesses Edit

Road Killer can be defeated when you strike his heart.

Abilities Edit

Road Killer can ride on his motorcycle really fast that it can run over someone and turn them into road kill. His motorcycle can also shoot stinky wet fur balls.