Sting of scorpiotron

Scorpiotron is a half Man-Machine summoned by Lord Tenoroc, his first appearance was in episode 2 of season 1 Sting of Scorpiotron. He also appeared in Season 4, Episode 5: Supervillain Showdown, where he fought Slamdroid.

Apearence Edit

Scorpiotron is the half man, the half machine was once a man known to be a brilliant inventor. His name is dr. Febrill Menace. but then his research went too far. he was driven underground. Finally, he was forced to experiment on himself. Scorpiotron was the result


Weakness Edit

Destroy The Tail of the Scorpiotron and running out of hydrolicks

Abilities Edit

Scorpiotron can snag objects with his mechanical arms and shoot sharp bullets from his mechanical tail, He also in the normal man times the in the length with ten times, He can also dig through the earth. His armor is also very durable of hits.

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