The Shadows are the shadows of the originals lead by their new leader, Shadow.

Appearances Edit

The shadows are dark, red eyed, gothic, and vampire-like versions of their originals. They're similar to the shadow people, but they're also similar to vampires because of their red eyes and sharp fangs. They also wear the same clothes as their originals, only they're gray, black, or white.

Personality Edit

The shadows' personalities are different or just the opposite from their originals' personalities. Whether they're mean, cruel, careless, fearful, or more evil.

In the series Edit

Shadow released all the Street Kids', Matt and his team's shadows and turn them into dark versions of themselves so they can feast on their originals' life force to become real. Unfortunately, they, along with Shadow, we're defeated by some light in the City Hall.

Abilities Edit

Like ordinary vampires, they can shapeshift into dark mist and have hypnotizing powers. But unlike other vampires that usually drink blood, they can only feed on their originals' life force so they can become real!

Weaknesses Edit

Their weakness is light just like their leader, Shadow, Phibious, and the Black Knight.

Shadow versions Edit

Shadow Matt- The shadow of Matt Hatter and the second in hand leader of the shadows. Unlike his original, Shadow Matt acts like Lord Tenoroc all cruel, cold, hateful, and careless and a total lone wolf. He wears Multi-Vision Specs that are like Matt's except the left len is red instead of blue.

Shadow matt

Shadow Roxie- The shadow of Roxie. Very vain, arrogant, and more bossy than her original. However, Shadow Roxie is a bit romantic unlike Roxie. She carries a staff that's like Roxie's only it has a red crystal instead of a yellow one.

Shadow roxie
Shadow gomez

Shadow Gomez- The shadow of Gomez. Unlike his original who is usually a scaredy cat, he is brave, stealthy, and a martial arts expert. He is also known to be a spy and is often treated like a servant to Shadow Matt instead of a friend like Matt treats Gomez.

Shadow Lightning- The shadow of Captain Lightning. He is very impatient, short tempered, well matured, and is dying to feast on his original's life force. Unlike Captain Lightning, he has dark lightning bolts for weapons and can hypnotize his opponents.

Shadow lightning