Shakutra is a alien monster who appeared in Aliens 3D

In the series Edit

Tenoroc summoned Shakutra a alien hunter to destroy and scare the Street Kids. Matt has to find a dog whistle to create a super sonic sound to scare/defeat Shakutra. The whistle can only be found in a old pet shop. Shakutra attacks,butt Matt finds the whistel ans scars him.Lucien remembers a old radio station in the city if they turn the radio the whisle will make a sound so strong it mite work butt Matt needs to distract Shakutra.In the end Shakutra screams and he goes hologram and he gets booked.

Appearances Edit

Shacutra looks like the character from the movie "Alien"(1979) but he has red eyes and green skin.He wears a red armor and has giant claws. And he has a scorpions tail.

Abilities Edit

Shacutra is blind but he can sense anyone who moves, he's super fast and strong. He has a giant scorpion tail and he can sense any shoe and finger print.

Weaknesess Edit

Dog whistle