Shercan and Hercan are cybertour twin brothers.They are half minotours and half cyborgs wearing armor and alsou bounty hunters and they are wearing special cybernetic armor and whit special wepons.

Appearances Edit

Shercan has a silver armor and green eyes and he uses a giant axe, while Harcan has a black armor, red eyes, has golden horns, and a golden shield and sword.

Abilities Edit

Harcan can fly on his shield ,hes super fast and super strong,and Shearcan also has thes abilitys except thath he can fly on his axe.They have phobia faces a version of the Black Knight ability and a little bit of the Minotour's fear gas, who ever looks directly at the phobia face while seeing their greatest nightmares and fears.They can see se Tenorocks spader traps thanks to ther cyber eye s,they can alsou travel into difrent dimensionss thaks to ther wepons.

Personality Edit

The cybertour brother are dangerous when they get angry ther armor turns red and they charge with such anger and speed, they can destroy a building.

Series Edit

Shearcan was summond to find the sword of exscalebear in the Enchanted Forest,but because of you know who, stops him. Tenoroc has no choice but to summon Shercan's twin Brother Harcan. Tenoroc makes a competition who ever finds the sword first will be free from his life cell . However, Lorc Tenoroc lied! He won't free them, but Harcan uses the swords power and destroys his life cell and he's free!

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