The Shock Scythe is a powerful weapon invented by Captain Lightning.
Shock Scythe

Shock Scythe and many forms

Appearance Edit

The Shock Scythe is like the Grim Reaper's scythe, only the silver razor has lines that are colored blue and the handle is dark purple, and appears as a 1'4 cm stick when not used, but when Lightning presses the button on the middle, it becomes a long 12 cm scythe with a electrical blade.

Abilities Edit

The Shock Scythe can slice and zap anything or anyone when Lightning uses it in battle. Plus, when you press the button in the middle, a second blade will appear on the bottom, and you can turn and separate them so you can have two mini scythes in your hands to battle two opponents at a time or throw them to them and they'll come back to you like boomerangs.

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