33. Robo-Ton

Slamdroid is a robot hulk in episode 13 of season 3 The Key Of Realms.

He also appears in Season 4, Episode 5 Super Villain showdown, where he fought Scorpiotron.

Appearance Edit

Slamdroid is a giant rusty robot with a skull-like head and red glowing eyes. He also has a hand that's like a wrecking ball, which it is a wrecking ball. He also has a Crunch Gun on his left arm: It looks a bit like a minigun, and when Slamdroid puts scraps into his grinder, he processes them and turns it into ammo for his Crunch Gun.

Weakness Edit

If something tougher than diamonds like power gems get lodged in his grinders, then he will go into meltdown and expose his Central Processor, and one direct hit to that and he goes hologram. He is actually pretty smart, even for a robot, even to the point where he has some point of a sense of dry humour. He will grind up anything. This isn't a weakness per say, but, Slamdroid actually seems to LEARN about his weaknesses and his past encounters; this is how he learned to overcome the grinder weakness with an ejection upgrade.

Abilities Edit

Slamdroid can turn anything into fuel. He turns lose gears into fuel by putting it in a grinder on his back which is as strong as a titanium poly-alloy and Slamdroid can shoots out ammo made of scraps from his Crunch Gun,which has a strong enough speed force to cut through steel. He also has a wrecking ball for a hand that's almost indestructable and can smash through rock, metal and many other substances.

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