Spatter traps are like life cells. Instead of villains, they hold monsters in small worlds. So for Matt to see them is to going Multi-Vision! They usually played during villain battles.

Spatter Traps Edit

1- Crystal Gremlins

2- Electric Worms

3- Giant Skull

4- Sand Snakes

5- Astral Bods

6- Dragon Hornet

7- Boxing Bugs

8- Ice Mole

9- Lava Creature

10- Ice Toads

11- Fire birds

12- Swimming  Cobra

13- Frog Bats

14- Were-Rat

15- Flying Monkeys

16- Pinball Manta

17- Astral Dragons

18- Boulder Bugs


20- Gerbil Goblins

21- Devils & Angels

22- Sun Fish

23- Shadow Bats

24- Guana Penguins

25- Zombie Wasps

26- Tornado Bugs


  • Season 4 Finale

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