Roxie with her Staff

Staff is a gimmick that appeared in Matt Hatter Chronicles. It is simply a wooden weapon that originally belongs to Gomez[1], but it is used by Roxie instead. It serves as Roxie's main object against villains.

History Edit

According to the Council of Trees, the staff came from a tree called Sacred Tree of Light of its own last remaining branches.

Description Edit

Staff is a long stick made by strong type of wooden and it has a small orb in it's end that serves the only way to talk to Matt in the real world. Staff is gifted with a special ability to contact Matt's chronicles. It can contact the Chronicles by dodging the Staff on the ground and the user has to say what he wants while the orb is lighting. The Staff can be used for fight as well, as seen in many of Roxie's fights against enemies, the Staff is very powerful and can resists many hits, but it's orb is not durable and it can be destroyed easily, however it will repair itself automatically. Roxie also use her Staff sometimes to find some items.

References Edit


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