Storm of War is an episode of Matt Hatter Chronicles in which that Tenoroc releases a villain called Meteor Master, who can control the Weather. Tenoroc orders him to cook up a storm of his combined Atmokinesis so it will break a hole in the fabric of the dimensions, releasing Tenoroc, while also destroying Matt and his friends too.


Tenoroc is tired of always losing super-villains and being confined to his pocket dimension, so after losing Slamdroid at the beginning of the episode, he releases one of his most powerful super-villains of all: Meteor Master, a super-villain who can control and channel the weather in all shapes and forms. Tenoroc orders him to create havoc in the Region of Ruins by creating a powerful storm of all his weather power combined so he can not only release Tenoroc from his prison by releasing an unstoppable atmospheric discharge causing a rip in the dimensions, but to also destroy Matt and his friends at the same time. He is defeated by the Harmonians with their combined spiritual willpower that becomes a force that drains the energy out of Meteor Master turning him hologram, then he is booked by Matt, after the battle, Matt finds a metal device that Gomez says it's called the Warlock's Wand, which can drain an atmosphere's electrical discharge rendering Meteor Master helpless, but alas it was broken by the fall onto the bridge, making it irreparable.

Villain(s) Introduced:

Meteor Master