Sunstar is a villain summoned by Tenoroc in Carnival city to channel up a solar energy storm inside of him so he can incinerate Carnival city by unleashing the true power of solar energy.


Sunstar can fly by generating solar winds and he is a living humanoid sun so his appearance in a nutshell is virtually a man but made of solar energy. He can also generate solar energy blasts that are hot enough to burn through solid stone but not enough to break open the golden vault, like Fire Phoenix.

In The Episode

Sunstar is summoned in Carnival City to create a Solar Storm inside of him so he can incinerate Carnival City in an Nuclear like blast. He first encounters Matt at the top of the Bell Tower, where he eventually flies of when Matt uses his new ice foam setting on his cell blaster. After Matt goes through a spatter trap while Sunstar recharges, he ambushes Matt and his friends in the streets, he steals the half of the Key of Realms and flies of to the Sky Tower but Matt lures Sunstar to the warehouse roof where he resummons Lycan (Werewolf) so they brawl and eventually Lycan becomes victorious after he unleashes luna energy that turns Sunstar hologram, then booked by Matt.


Luna Energy

Episode Appearance

The Time of The Flare