Switcharoo is a monster that Lord Tenoroc released in Switcharoo.


Switcharoo wears a crazy costume with arrows twisted together and wears a jester like hat. He also has hands with arrow braces on his wrists that allows him to switch peoples' bodies and has a glass orb on his chest which shows to spirits of the people that he is going to switch the first with the other body.


Switcharoo has two split personalities. One is that he is happy and joyful while the other is grumpy and enraged. But he is all crazy according to Matt.

In the series Edit

Switcharoo was summoned in the Region of Ruins to trap the Harmonians' spirits into non active objects. However, he switches Roxie and Captain Lightning's bodies. Later in the end, they both defeated him by grabbing his arrows and used them to break through his body crystal on his chest and Matt books him which had everyone, including Captain Lightning and Roxie, back to normal.

Weaknesses Edit

Switcharoo's body crystal being destroyed.

Abilities Edit

Switcharoo can switch peoples' bodies (like he did with Roxie and Captain Lightning) by stretching out his wrist braces and strike them on the chest while sucking their spirits into his orb and back out into first spirit into the other's body.