Tenoroc summons Mr.Wacky Hat to make a posion thath can switch brains.He switches Tenoroc and Matts brain s,and now Matt most prove thath he isn t Tenoroc befor Tenoroc realises all the villans in the vault.

Plot Edit

Tenoroc has created the ultimate plane to escape his prison.He summons Mr Wackyhat to carnival city to create chaos.He turns all the streat kinds into sabertooth squrels.When Roxie calls Matt the problem is over but folows Mr.Wackyhat and ends up bein switch into Tenorocs body.Mr.Wacky Hat escapes to another realm and now Tenoroc is insaid of Matt s body.When Roxie and Gomez arrives Tenoroc tells them to split to serch the whole Carnival City to find him.Menwiele when Craw awakes he suspecs somthing becaes Tenoroc is nice but he thinks thath he has a plan.At Carnival City Tenoroc realises Slamdroid,Brick kneck,Scorpiotron, Roadkiller and Doctor Jekill and Hyde.He convinces them thath he is Tenoroc and they atack the City.Matt manages to find Gomez but neads to convince him thath he realy is Matt.He tells Gomez thath he nows thath why is he realy afraid of Carnival City becaes its dark,and sleeps whith a nighlight.Menwiele lightning fights Magnifico,Cyclops,Zerona and Mr Hyde.Gomez tells thath Matt body has been taken over by Tenoroc.And nead to find Mr.Wacky Hat and find a posion thath will switch there brains.He is at the Region of Ruins and Roxie manages to steal a bottle thath seas switch brains.Menwiel Tenoroc cithing on a throne has villans to terrorise the city But Roxie switchess there brains and now Tenoroc is back to his prison realm.Matt uses his shock wawe blast and maid all the villans go hologram and they all got booked except for Brickneck,The Black Knight,Roadkiller,Slamdroid and mr Wackyhat.

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