Summary Edit

Tenoroc summons Frankensteins bride Revolta in Steampunk town to gather as many junk as she can to create a device that will destroy Steampunk town and its intelligence. She also has a score to settle with Lightning and Matt for booking her husband Frankenstein.

Plot Edit

Tenoroc watches old clips of his failed villans and there he sees that Frankenstein was this close to defeating Lightning. So he has a idea he summons Revolta, Frankenstein's evil wife. She was summoned to destroy Lightning by sucking all of the lightning slicers that comes once a year and makes Lightning stronger. At the Coronet Matt s father Harry invents a robot that works on remote controls. When Matt drives Lightning is getting weaker by the second, because of Revolta. They take Lightning to his workshop to find some electricity but nothing. Matt remember that her weakness is fire. But it didn't work so they trick her into following them to the water tower and she goes hologram and is defeated.

The Device Edit

It can send a shockwave that will fry anyones brain.