After the episode The Chaos Coin The Tripel Sphere is badly dameged nearly to exploud.The only thing thath can prevent this from hapening is the golden tear from the Blossom of Healing,but its loakedid in the moust dangeres place in the Sea of Sands the Black Pyramid.So he resummons Professor Gorski and the Mummy to find the Blossom.Matt must stop Gorski and the Mummy from sucsiding.

Plot Edit

After it was discoverd thath the Coronet spelld backwerds means Tenoroc it means thath when Flipsters last coin faild it help Tenoroc to find a gatway to the real world (Alfred Hatters world).But first Tenoroc neaded to fix the Tripel Sphere before it exploads.It had enought energy for two villans,so he summond Professor Gorski and The Mummy to find the Desert Blossom of healing.When Matt discovers thath the Coronet backwerds means Tenoroc Alfred tells him the whole thruth.His father found the Chronicles in a enchant Amazon Pyramid.He then when it he open the chronicles got his multivision specks and discover many worlds and meet Tenoroc.Tenoroc Trickt Samuel Hatter (the first Hatter hero) was trickt by Tenoroc to help him bild the interdimensional door son thath he can escape and whit his villan army to concer Samuel Hatter s world.After he was trickt he bild the villan walt and the sell blaster and the lefe sell,so when a villan goes holagram he traps them insaid of the chronicles.And its discoverd thath it was tenoroc who fried all the villans not the chronicles.But in the cinema there was a lot of noise, so to make sure thath no one finds out about the multiverse or Tenorc finding the real world he reanamed the movie thearder to the Coronet.Even Tenoroc s Tripel Sphere was trickt.In the Black Pyramid there whre lots and lots of monsters and traps but the Mummy and Gorski where Booked.But Craw steals the Blossom of life.And now Tenoroc neads to find gateway to the real world and create Chaos.

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