After the episode The Chaos Coin The Triple Sphere is badly damaged nearly to explode. The only thing that can prevent this from happening is the golden tear from the Blossom of Healing, but its located in the most dangerous place in the Sea of Sands the Black Pyramid.So he resummons the Mummy to find the Blossom. Matt must stop the Mummy from succeeding.

Plot Edit

After it was discovered that the Coronet spelled backwards means Tenoroc it means that when Flipsters last coin failed it helped Tenoroc to find a gateway to the real world (Alfred Hatters world).But first Tenoroc needed to fix the Triple Sphere before it explodes. It had enough energy for one villains,so he summonedThe Mummy to find the Desert Blossom of healing. When Matt discovers that the Coronet backwards means Tenoroc Alfred tells him the whole truth. His father found the Chronicles in a enchanted Amazon Pyramid. Then when it he opened the chronicles got his multivision specks and discover many worlds and meet Tenoroc. Tenoroc tricked Samuel Hatter (the first Hatter hero) was tricked by Tenoroc to help him build the interdimensional door so that he can escape and with his villain army to conquer Samuel Hatter's world.After he was tricked he built the villain vault and the cell blaster and the life cell, so when a villain goes hologram he traps them inside of the chronicles. And its discovered that it was Tenoroc who freed all the villains not the chronicles. But in the cinema there was a lot of noise, so to make sure that no one finds out about the multiverse or Teneroc finding the real world he renamed the movie theater to the Coronet. Even Tenoroc's Triple Sphere was tricked. In the Black Pyramid there were lots and lots of monsters and traps but the Mummy was booked. But Craw steals the Blossom of life. And now Tenoroc needs to find gateway to the real world and create Chaos.