Alliance of Evil is the 4th episode of Season 3.

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With the Triple Sphere at full power, Tenoroc sends three villains at once: Redbeard in the Region of Ruins, Medusa in the Sea of Sands and The Mummy in Carnival City. Can Matt and his friends beat three Supervillains at once or will the multiverse fall under the might of Tenoroc?

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  • Redbeard and Mummy are the second and third villain to be recalled by Teneroc.
  • This is the first time Teneroc played more than one villain.
  • Alfred can control the Hatter Hero Training Programme and can be accessed through plugging the blaster into the hole of the movie projector
  • According to Alfred, the blaster have defensive modes.
  • Roxie get turned into stone twice.
  • Medusa is recaptured by Matt.
  • Medusa, Redbeard and Mummy are some of the villains that Teneroc stole back.
  • According to Gomez, in the bad old days whenever two villains cross paths they fought.
  • Acoording to Gomez Matt defeated Medusa the same way as Alfred did.


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