The Fearsome Four is an episode of Matt Hatter Chronicles in hat Lord Tenoroc sends four villains to reak havoc on the Multiverse but this time with their own special purposes.


Lord Tenoroc wishes to bring all the realms all down at once so Team Hatter cannot defend the realms at the same time. So he deciedes to sends four villains to four realms to reak havoc in their own speciel ways: He sends Phibeos to the Region of Ruins so he can steal the Chalice of Harmony so that realm can fall into eternal darkness, Candy Cane to the Sea of Sands so he can make the Al-Habarians Lord Tenoroc's mindless army driven by twisted play, hes sends Cyber Racer to Carnival City to locate the 5 plates that would permanently shut down the Street Kids and he sends a new villain, Red Scarab to the Enchanted Forest so he can forcefully vibrate the lock to the golden vault. att deciedes that he should fight Cyber Racer in Carnival City with his Hover Bike, Gomez to the Region of Ruins to help the Harmonians fight back with light emitting weapons, Roxie to the Enchanted Forest because she is more intuned and powerful there and he deceides he shoud release Cupid to fight back agaist Candy Cane so he cannot hurt the Al-Habarians with his Sleep Arrows. In the end Matt manages to book all of the villains and peace is restored in the multiverse.

Villains Introduced


Candy Cane

Cyber Racer

Red Scarab


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