Everyone in the Multiverse is happy that Lightning returned home safe and sound. Matt plans on throwing a party for Lightning because it's his birthday. But Tenoroc wants to ruin everything so he summons the collector of souls, misery and hate, master of bones, death himself The Grim Reaper. He plans on stealing Lightning's soul and turning him into a zombie(the grim reaper villain won't kill anyone in this episode). Matt has 6 hours to get Lightning's soul otherwise he will have it in his collection of souls. The episode is called Happy birthday Lightning.

Appearance Edit

The Grim Reaper is a personification of death. He appears as a tall pale skeletal figure shrouded in a long, dark, black hooded cloak wielding a scythe which he uses to harvest souls,crimson red dangerous eyes

Abilities Edit

He has a scythe that steals people s souls,creates shadowy fog, makes bats from out of his cloak, absorb the power of souls (Lightnings soul), has a bottle to trap human souls when the scythe steal them and creates skeleton warriors .

Weakness Edit

Sunlight (just like Venom)

Plot Edit

Matt plans a birthday party for Lightning.When Tenoroc watches that the Harmoniens, Street Kids, Tuk Tuks, the Sultan of Alhaba, King Arthur the III and the Ninjas prepare the biggest party. So Tenoroc summons The Grim Reaper to steal Lightnings soul and turn him into a zombie like skeleton. So Lightning battles him and loses his soul. When Matt arrives he is shocked to see Lightning in that shape. After Matt remembers the movie The Reaper Strikes At Midnight he remembers that if Lightnings soul isn't back by 6 hours Lightnings soul will be the Reaper's forever. Matt communicates with Alfred to give him some new Hatter tech to help him stop the Reaper. Its called the golden touch. When Matt touches a villain in hiding or if he is in a different dimension the magnet will by force bring the villain. When the reaper attacks but Matt marks him. They go to the Sea of Sands because his weakness is light. It turns out that the reaper has a shield that protects him from the light. In the end Roxie destroys the shield and the Reaper goes hologram. And Lightnings party begins and Matt even allows Lightnings parents out and for the first time.In the end Matt and Gomez put the Reapers Scythe in the cave of the Keepers.