The Night Witch is an episode in Matt Hatter Chronicles where Tenoroc sets Raven loose in the Sea of Sands to awaken the long lost war king of the Sea of Sands, Sobek


Tenoroc wants to set the long lost war king Sobek free in the Sea of Sands where he used to rule thousends of years ago before the desert ancients imprisoned him in an unbreakable tomb in the Golden Tomb where he is incased in a sunstone coat. So Tenoroc releases a villain called Raven, a young sorceress that can command necro magic. She is first ordered to find the co-ordinates of where Sobek lies. She and Matt both race to the stolen oasis where the map is in a lamp that is submerged beneth the sand. Luckily Matt reaches and obtained the map first, only because he defeated Raven by combating her necro blasts with his flare mode and invisi-shield. Tenoroc next plays a spatter trap while team Hatter ride on sand Surfer, but it drops them off at the Golden Tomb and Raven eventually catches up with them and has the key to setting Sobek free. She is turned hologram by the explosion that happens when Matt pulse blasts the statue of Sobek and she is booked.

Villains Introduced


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