Appearance Edit

Flame a gelled haired muscle punk that can shoot flame from his hands, Magma, Flint's girlfriend who wears a red dress, orange hair, and she can control Magma, El Mc Boom Boom is a skinny short punk with TNT tatoos and he caries explosions, and Flinch is Flint Phonix little brother has the same hair as Phoenix and is brave as Gomez but unlike him his is a little brave.

In the seriesEdit

Tenoroc has been watching his old villains fighting Alfred Hatter. At that moment, he gain the ability to summon four villans instead of three. So he summons Flint Phoenix's old gang called the Phonix gang.

The four of them were summoned in the Region of Ruins to heat the final egg of a fire drake and release Flint Phoenix from the Chronicles. When Matt arrives, he, Lightning, and Roxie fight the gang, except for Gomez who befriends Flinch because he was hiding. They find the fire Drake egg and after it hatched, it was just a innocent little baby, but they managed to free Flint from the Chronicles. After Gomez got hurt, Flinch refuses to destroy him because Gomez is his friend. Then in the end, Matt uses a water gun and defeats the gang and all of them get booked. Gomez thinks that he should let Flint out of the Chronicles.

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