The Time of the Flare is an episode of Matt Hatter Chronicles in which Tenoroc releases Sunstar into Carnival City to create a Solar Storm that will destroy Carnival City.


Tenoroc decides he should destroy a realm one by one to rule the multiverse, and he starts with Carnival City mainly because of the Street Kids so he releases Sunstar, the living Sun, to build up a Solar Storm inside of him so he can incinerate Carnival City in a fiery blast. He encounters Matt multiple times, first a sudden introduction turn duel on top of the bell tower, but Matt makes him fly off by using his new ice foam setting on his Cell Blaster, and next when Sunstar ambushes Matt and his friends in the street where he steals the half of the Key of Realms that Matt had. But before Sunstar attacks Matt and his friends in the street, Matt gets snagged by a Spatter Trap while on the Sky Rail that held creatures known as Coral Crabs, which can shoot high pressure water out of their poisonous pincers, but Matt defeats the trap by getting him and his friends to get of the sky rail onto the shooting water and ride it like a wave into the the exit of the Spatter Trap that deserts them in the street. Matt hatches a plan to defeat Sunstar by luring him to the Warehouse Roof, where Matt releases Lycan the Werewolf so they brawl but Lycan wins victorious by unleashing luna energy from his Luna Compass, when Sunstar turns hologram and is booked by Matt, and in turn Lycan was rebooked by Matt so he does not again go rogue.

Villains Introduced



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