The Ultimate Super Decision is another episode idea created by MaeManuel1.

Summary Edit

Captain Lightning is still struggling from choosing between joining Matt Hatter's team or staying loyal to Lord Tenoroc's army. But when Tenoroc sends Bad Captain Lightning to bring him back, Matt and his friends come to the rescue and try to book him in the Villain Vault, just to replace the real Lightning. Captain Lightning decides to help, but which side will he choose?

Plot Edit

The episode starts with Captain Lightning walking in the streets looking down when a rainstorm approaches. He runs off, knocking on doors and begging the Street Kids for some shelter, but they just tell him to get lost and then they slam their doors in front of him.

Just as he was about to give up and just do nothing but sit in the rain, something unexpectedly comes above him which is actually a blue umbrella being held by none other than, Matt! He then gives it to Lightning because he'll need it more than he does and pulls out a red umbrella for himself and decides to sit beside him in case he needed company. As he sat next to him, Matt asks Lightning if he had made his choice yet but Lightning hasn't yet because he still has a lot to think about which Matt understand.

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