The Whirlwind Twins are villains and Captain Lightning and Thunder's younger brother and sister that appeared in Brother Thunder and Sister Lightning.

In the series Edit

Tenoroc has summoned Lightning’s younger eight year old twin brother, Captain Thunder Whirlwind and sister Lightning Whirlwind to destroy Carnival City and Lightning. Matt declares them one of them the most powerful villains they ever faced due to their whirlwinds. They destroyed half of the town and do to there rival of who‘s the strongest, they attacked each other and blown themselves up and go hologram. But still, Tenoroc is happy because the town is destroyed and half the sewer tunnels are blocked and now, the Street Kids have nowhere to run or hide. The episode sadly ends with the Street Kids and Lightning and his friends helping rebuild the town and having hope that they will finish it.

Appearance Edit

Captain Whirlwind Thunder is four minutes older than his sister. His armor is blue with a skull on his chest and has the same armor as lightning has and the same hair but brown.

Captain Whirlwind Lightning is four minutes younger than her brother which makes her the Alpha Twin. She wears the same tech as him and Lightning but pink and on her chest there's a flower.

Powers Edit

Captain Lightning Whirlwind can create a lightning like Whirlwind and shoot electric-like bubbles that explode and fly instead of it.

Captain Thunder Whirlwind can create a thunder-like whirlwind shoot thunder-like bullets and fly inside of it.

Personality Edit

They both have a rivalry about who is the most strongest supervillan of all time.