The Wirlwind Twins are villans and Captain Lightnig and Tunder s yonger brother and sister thath apeird in Brother Tunder and Sister lightning

In the series Edit

Tenoroc has summond Lightnings yonger 8 year old Twin brother Captain Tunder Whirlwind and sister Lightning Whirlwind to destroy carnival City and Lightning.Matt declairs them one of the most powerfull villans they ever faist do to there whirlwinds.They destroyd half of the town and do to there rivaly of who s the strongest they atack each other and blown them selfs upartand go holagram.But still Tenorock is happy becaes the town is destroyd and half the sewer tunels are blockt the strat kids have nowear to run or hide.the episod sadly ends whit the Streat kids rebilding the town and having hope thath theywill finish it.

Apearance Edit

Captain Whirlwind Tunder is 4 minuts older then his sister his armor is blu whit a skull on his chess and has the same armor as lightning has and the same hair butt brown.

Captain Whirlwind lightning is 4 minuts younger than his brother whitch makes him the Alpha Twin,She wear the same tech as him and lightning but pink and on her chest there s a flower.

Powers Edit

Captain Lightning Whirlwind Can create a lightning like Whirlwind and shoot electrick like bubels thath explod and fly insaid of it

captain Tunder Whirlvind can crate a tunder like whirwind shoot tunder like bullet and fly insaid of it.

Personality Edit

They bouth have a rivaly about who is the moust strongest supervillan of all time.

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