Thunder VS Lightning is an episode idea created by Cody10202.

Summary Edit

Lord Tenoroc is sick of seeing Captain Lightning helping Matt book all his villains so he releases Lightning's worst nightmare in Carnival City, Captain Thunder! Who happens to be Lightning's fat and yellow brother. Can Lightning stop his own brother and save his friends?


The episode starts with Captain Lightning throwing his lightning bolt at Cyber Racer who went hologram. Roxie calls to Matt to book him as Matt pointed his Cell Blaster at Cyber Racer and then screwed his life cell back into the Chronicles just before the four friends laughed together. Meanwhile in the Pocket Dimension, Lord Tenoroc and Craw were watching through the Triple Sphere when Tenoroc banged on the table, making Craw and the other life cells jump! He then decides to crush Lightning for helping Matt by summoning his older brother, Captain Thunder, a fat and yellow version of Captain Lightning in Carnival City!

Later, a big thunderstorm appears and came Captain Thunder with his legs apart and his fists on his hips. Just then, Lord Tenoroc with his face on the thundercloud orders Thunder to crush his brother once and for all. Excited, Thunder did what he was told as he hopped on his thundercloud.

Villain Introduced Edit

Captain Thunder

Transcript Edit

Captain Thunder: N-n-now hold on there, Lightning! Put the spark down! I'm sorry!

Captain Lightning: Ha! Maybe you should've learn to never underestimate the little brother years ago! Ay' Thunder?

Captain Thunder: Don't make me tell mom and dad on you!