Toxic jack

Toxic Jack appeared in Season 4, Episode 9: Ghost in the Chronicles. His mission was to make an army of supervillain ghosts, including those of Black Knight, Pandora, Werewolf King and Bassium.

List of Facts

  • He comes from the movie :Escape From Toxic Island"


  • He wears a black-and-white striped jail suit
  • His skin color is a combination of different shades of green plus white
  • He also has a mis-shaped face


  • likes to joke around, but also gets the job done


  • He is a ghost so anything can go though him and he can go though almost anything
  • He is full of toxic gas and goo
  • Can summon and use many ghostly weapons, including a ghostly ball-and-chain


  • Does not like being taunted or teased
  • Loses strength when trapped inside a special type of mirror

List of Quotes Edit

  • Toxic Jack. At your service.
  • Missed a few shots? (DANIL [CYBORG]: Here comes the play of the game.)
  • You're trapped, Catwoman. (MONICA GELLER-BING [CATWOMAN]: I'll claw my way out.)
  • I smell fear, Barry. (THE FLASH: You smell my boots smoking.)
  • Crashing, just like your father. (VERSAD [GREEN LANTERN]: Forget "scared". I'm angry!)
  • You can't save Gotham. (BERON [BATMAN]: I never quit.)
  • Confess you fears! (SUPERMAN: I'm afraid for your safety.)
  • Your pheromones aren't working. (DYLAR [POISON IVY]: That's debatable.)
  • Always too late, Supergirl. (PHOEBE BUFFAY-HANNIGAN [SUPERGIRL]: So, let's wrap this up early.)
  • Next, I'll croak Canary. (CLERAL [GREEN ARROW]: Never threaten my wife.)
  • Scared, doctor? (DEJAN [DOCTOR FATE]: Fate fears no one.)
  • This nightmare will not stop. (ROHAK [BLUE BEETLE]: Can't crush this bug.)
  • One of you is scared. (ADLUK [FIRESTORM]: Good thing there's two in here.)
  • The Trench are behind you. (LENAT [AQUAMAN]: You bluff poorly.)
  • Scream in terror. (DARNA [BLACK CANARY]: Don't insult me.)
  • You couldn't beat Batman. (HANSO: Less talking, more fighting.)
  • Daddy fights better than you. (LINMIS: Shut up, Scarecrow!)