Toxic Lisa is the ex ghost wife of Toxic Jack who appeared in The Wife of Toxic Jack.

Toxic Lisa

Plot Edit

Tenoroc summons her to free all the supervillains from the chronicles. To make Matt come she turns all the sewer rats into giant Toxic Rats.When Matt arrives she enters the chronicles and frees only the female supervillains but only their ghosts. She frees Prowler, Zerona, Magma, Isis ,Medusa ,Pandora, Zombie Bossy, Captain Electric(the mother of Captain Lightning), Kuchisake-ona, Arcana and Raven to haunt Carnival city forever. When Captain Electric was almost finished with destroying Lightning she remembers her son and strikes Toxic Lisa, and tells Lightning to go. In the end Matt catches Toxic Lisa in a ghost machine that can eliminate ghosts, it made Toxic Lisa go hologram and she got booked and all the female villain ghosts return to the Chronicles.

Appearance Edit

Toxic Lisa wears a prison uniform like Toxic Jack and has a apron,long green hair,green teeth and the same skin as Toxic Jack.

Powers Edit

She can send her spirits into the bodies of the Rats and make theme toxic,she can only control female spirits and shoot green smelly balls.