In the series Edit

Tenoroc summond Luciens creation the Toy soldier to find and destry Lucius for traping him in the cronicles for a whery long time.Roxie,Gomez,and Lightning hyde Lucies in a lighthouse.When Matt came Lucius tells Matt thath he bild the Toy Soldier so he can make happynes to everion,butt Tenoroc turn him evil and Alfred had no choice butt to book him.They need to find bluprins so they can defeat the Toy Soldier,butt he fiends them and fight s them.In the end Lucius remembers thath on his back is a shuting off butten..Then the he goes hologram and Matt books him.

Apearencens Edit

He whears a english soldier iniform black hat and a red uniform.He has painted eyes and a long nose,and his big like a gient the size of a house.

Abilities Edit

His strong and has a gun thath shoots exploding fire balls.

Weknesess Edit

Thears a shuting off butten on his back.

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