In the series Edit

Tenoroc summoned Lucius's creation the Toy Soldier to find and destroy Lucius for trapping him in the Chronicles for a very long time. Roxie, Gomez, and Lightning hide Lucius in a lighthouse. When Matt came Lucius tells Matt that he built the Toy Soldier so he can make happiness to everyone, but Tenoroc turned him evil and Alfred had no choice but to book him. They need to find blueprints so they can defeat the Toy Soldier, but he finds them and fights them. In the end Lucius remembers that on his back is an off button..Then he goes hologram and Matt books him.

Appearences Edit

He wears a red english soldier uniform with a black hat. He has painted eyes and a long nose, and he's the size of a house.

Abilities Edit

He's strong and has a gun that shoots exploding fire balls.

Weaknesess Edit

There's an off button on his back.