Triple Sphere
Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Effects *Self-defense
  • Releasing Evil beings in the Multiverse
  • Connecting Teneroc to the Multiverse
  • Releasing Spatter Traps
Source Unknown
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown

Triple Sphere is a gimmick that appeared and used by Lord Tenoroc in Matt Hatter Chronicles. It is simply an hourglass- like device that Teneroc uses in various ways and it serves as his main object in Matt Hatter Chronicles.

History Edit

While It is unknown what is the original of the Triple Sphere, but it is known that Teneroc Had used it before his fights with the Hatter Family. In Raider Of the Lost Tomb, it has been revealed that the Triple Sphere's balls can be repaired by having Star Crystal, however finding the Star Crystal is very difficult and need a Treasure Hunter to find it.

Appearance Edit

Triple Sphere is like the ancient Hourglass that the ancient civilizations use to know time. It has three balls connected to three columns of small skulls to install balls, and the Columns are connected with a tweak from the top of the Sphere that is the location that Teneroc uses to put his Life Cells and the columns are also connected to a tweak from the below of the Sphere. Every tweak has three small columns that are used to install the Triple Sphere on the ground.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Triple Sphere stands as arguably the most powerful object in the Multiverse that it's power can only be matched by the Hatter's Chronicles. Triple Sphere has many mysterious powers like allowing the user to send a hologram in a form of clouds that the user can uses it to talk to others from far locations even between dimensions, it can release the villains from their cells to go to the Multiverse and controls their life allowing the user to control the villains as much as he want, it can take them back to their cells and gives the object that they obtained to the user (Teneroc) and it can also release Spatter Traps from Cells and teleports them to the Multiverse .Because of the connection between Alfred Hatter and Teneroc, the Triple Sphere will weak as much as Teneroc weak and every time Teneroc powers up then the Triple Sphere will power up and can unleash two or three villains at once as well as the Spatter Traps[1] and also teleports solid beings like Craw to the Multiverse. In the return of the shape shifter, the Triple Sphere displayed the ability to show things that happened in the past, allowing Tenoroc to display the circumstances that appeared in the past. It also doubles as a powerful weapon as Teneroc was shown to use it in Return To The Future, against Alfred Hatter.


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