Tuk Tuks

Tuk Tuks are cute panda-like villagers that live in the Tree Village in The Enchanted Forest. They are led by the chief who has a son.

Appearance Edit

The Tuk Tuks are white with black around their eyes and on their heads. They have beards, long ears, and mustaches while the other Tuk Tuks don't and they're hair is tied up in a bun or in a ponytail. They eyes can be green, aqua, gold, or brown colored.

Personality Edit

Although the Tuk Tuks seem cute at first, they are fierce and tough when it comes to handling Tenroc's villains. They usually talk in an unusual language that Gomez may understand. They are also based on Chinese people for they bow to greet or thank others, bang gongs, live in a Chinese like forest plus Chinese architecture of their village, and are expert tea makers.

In the series Edit

The Tuk Tuks made their first appearance in The Warriors Code where they were popping out from behind the trees.

In Forest Of Fears, they were seen running away from Flint Phoenix who was attacking their village. And were making tea for Matt, Roxie, and Gomez.