Ultra Magma is a very strong villain he was sent by lord Tenoroc in the Ultra Shock.

Appearance Edit

Ultra magma has rock hands rock face his ears are black his armour is little bit red and black he has rock legs and his eyes are dark red.

In the series Edit

He was sent to Carnival City to make the Street Kids a stone army he even made Captain Lighting a stone man before Matt comes. When Matt came, the Street Kids and Captain Lighting started attacking Matt. But Gomez and Roxie save him. Soon when the moon came Ultra Magma goes hologram when he become a hologram all the ones he turned into stone became normal so he gets booked by Matt.

Personality Edit

Ultra Magma is very heartless and very bullheaded.

Weakness Edit

He can be defeated easily by moonlight.

Abilities Edit

He can make anyone into stone and he can control his stone creatures.