It's a Hatter first and last line of defense. It's highly adapted weapon. It can lock villains in the Chronicles villain vault.


  • The cell blaster can be used for various ways by Matt Hatter like, shoot out orbs, transform into a light saver like sword or unleashes a light to light the dark areas. It can also capture villains whenever they go hologram. By collecting the lost part of the Chronicles from Magnifico, the Cell Blaster is now more powerful and faster and it will shoot purple sphere of energy instead of yellow. [1]
  • It also can absorb villains into the villain vault.


  • Invisi-Shield - make user invisible and reflect attacks.[2]
  • Pulse Blast
  • Magnetic disrupter beam
  • Quantum fusion mode (when regain the lost clog from Magnifico)
  • Detect the Spatter traps (when regain the lost clog from Magnifico)
  • Villains Absorption


  1. Season 3 Episode 1
  2. Alliance of Evil

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