Tenoroc summons Vanessa the Spider Queen in the Enchanted forest the moust dangeres part of the forest the widows forest to make a army of humongo spiders attacking the forest.This episode is called The forest of gient Spiders.

Plot Edit

After Tenoroc fixis his Tripel Sphere is fix and Tenoroc summons Vanessa to awake the evil and powerfull Humongo Spiders the moust powerfull and dangeres creatures in the whole Enchanted forest.But Roxie and Gomez where able to save all the Tuk Tuks and send them to safty in the Region of Ruins.Matt neads to scare the spiders befor Roxie and gomez become lunch.Matt has no choice but to realies Lightning again.He wasn t strong enough to defeat them,so Gomez tells Matt thath these creaturs are scared of bad smell so he resummons Gangster Bug for help.Gangster Bug helps him becaes he hates Vanessa.So now it s a fight between bug vs arachnids.Matt shrinks and uses his Anti-matter blaster and books Ganster Bug.But it won t work on Vanessa.So Matt uses his Quantom fusion blast and fuses a gient rock on Vanessa and she goes holagram and gets booked.

Apearance Edit

Shes a half women and hels s[ider.She wears black heels,wearse a black mask,has a gient Tarantula hat on her head,has a spider body, six legs and four armas,wears a red dress and has a golden crown on her head.

Power Edit

Her song can control Spiders,shoots web and can create a electrical web to

☀paralysis her victims.

Wekness Edit

Getting squashed by a rock

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