Villain Vault Escape is the 2nd episode of Season 3.


Prowler is sent by Lord Tenoroc to the sea of sands to steal a barrage of sun blasters from the temple of the sun and to steal back all of the villains back from the chronicles so Tenoroc's tyranny will destroy the multiverse.

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Prowler is sent to break open the chronicles to reclaim all of the villains back to join Tenoroc's villain army. She stalks Team Hatter and even does a duel with Matt on top of a magic flying carpet. They eventually fight each other in the temple of the Sun, where she and Matt fight over the Chronicles and she manages to break open the chronicles and get back 18 super villains: The Black Knight, Arcana, Redbeard, Mummy, Cyber Racer, Doc Fossil, Minotaur, Cyclops, Switch, Flint Phoenix, Medusa, Magnifico, Candy Cane,Monkey King,Count Venom, Dr Jekyll, Phibious and Merlin. She is later booked because of a flash created by an explosion of a sun blaster reflected in a giant mirror. After Matt returns home, he finds that the whole theater has been transformed into a training room where Alfred will teach him how to use the Hatter gadgets and become more stronger.

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  • Prowler makes her second appearance in this episode.