Warrior Land is a dimenssion in the multiverse.It s one of the 12 realms.Its simular to the middle ages people,houses,clouthing and castles everithing.Its called warrior land becaes every 5 years theres a contest of champions for fame and glory.The rules are simple if your the last one standing you win fame and glory plus your statue will be placed in the hall of Fame.In this realm this is were Alfred defeated Cyclops and Minothaur and gained the title Ultimate Warrior.This is alsou th ehome of Gomez and Roxie

Locations Edit

Castle of King Arthur III

The Village

Wizard Town

Warrior Arena

Curst forest

The old wizards tower

The cave of Dragons

The Swamp

The Lake of Sleep

The Keepers Cave

Leader Edit

King Artur III (age 37)

Animals Edit

Gient hornd Swamp Rhinoes



Wood wolfs