Tenoroc resummons Merlin the Sorcoror to a new dimenssion called Warrior Land to and find the Witch Zeazel and steal her spell book,and create chaos

Plot Edit

Tenoroc wants to punish Warrior Land one of the 12 realms for defaing him so he resummons Merlin the Sorsorer one of the 16 villans who escaped the walts to Steal the spell book from the Witch Zeazel.When Gomez,Roxie and Lightning come there friend Zeazel is turnd to stone.When Matt arives Merlin casts a spell creating a blood rain.Then he use a spell to controll the swamp Rhinous to atack the village.Next when Matt stopes the Rhinoes Merlin summons a rain of meteors but the spell is realy slow so it will take less then two houses for the asteroids.Tenoroc uses his Spater trap to send matt on top of the mouten.Merline then turn s Roxie into a pig,Gomez into a rabbit and he splashes Lightning whit a tsunamy.Then after Matt stop s the asteroidsMerline took a page from the book.He goes to the Dragon cave to control them but in the end he gets eaten and gets booked.

Spatter Trap Edit

Dragon Jellyfish

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