Zombie Bossy is Zombie Boss's bride to be that appeared in The Bride Of Zombie Boss.

Zombie bossy

Appearance Edit

Zombie Bossy is the female version of Zombie Boss. She wears a white evening dress, white flat shoes, and her hair is gray.

In her bride form, she wears a ripped wedding gown with stitches and patches. Her high heels are ripped and broken, her veil is also ripped and decorated with wilted roses. She is seen holding a bouquet of dead flowers.

Personality Edit

Zombie Bossy is Zombie Boss's fiancée that is marriage obsessed. Although she is very sugary sweet, she can be very stubborn and bossy which is how she got her name. One thing that Zombie Bossy loves is flowers, only if they are dead or crystallized.

In the series Edit

Zombie Bossy was summoned in Carnival City to plant her zombifying crystals so the can grow into zombie crystal flowers that can spread red pollen which turned all the Street Kids into zombies.As a bonus Tenoroc ressumond Zombie Boss so they can have their wedding. However, Matt with his Multi-Vision Specs on and Lucis with his goggles on, crashed the wedding and defeated them both by destroying the flowers. Then, Matt books both of them.

Weaknesses Edit

The crystal flowers being smashed in her bouquet and around Carnival City.

Abilities Edit

Zombie Bossy can use her magic crystals from her necklace by planting them on the ground which then they can grow into crystal flowers that can spread red zombifying pollen.